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Royal Canin Digest Sensitive In Gravy Adult Pouches Wet Cat Food Is A Complete Feed For Adult Cats With Digestive Sensitivity

  • High quality nutrition, designed for adult cat 1-7 years of age to assist with digestion 

Digestive Health 

  • Contains highly digestible ingredients 

Muscle Health

  • High protein content supports healthy muscle mass

Odour Reduction 

  • The special formula helps reduce faecal odour

Ideal Weight

  • The optimal calorie content helps maintain an ideal weight

Urinary Health 

  • The moisture content helps promote a healthy urinary system

Further Information

  • Portioned freshness pouches maintain the full flavour of the food and protect the high quality nutrients

 Recommended for:

  • Adult cat 1-7 years of age

Royal Canin Cat Wet - Digest Sensitive (85g)

PriceFrom $2.80
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