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GREENIES™ Dental Care Treats for dogs are vet recommended for dental care with a unique texture that fights plaque and tartar. We hit the spot with complete and balanced nutrition, one treat a day is all it takes for your dog to experience the amazing effect of CLEANER TEETH, FRESHER BREAH and TAIL WAGGING FLAVOUR.

-Chewy texture CLEANS TEETH & MAINTAINS HEALTHY GUMS for a sparkle in every smile.

- Made with NATURAL INGREDIENTS Plus Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients.

- FRESHENS BREATH & makes mouths happy day after day.

-EASY TO DIGEST Highly soluble ingredients.

-DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS Balanced recipe for healthy treating.

-GREENIES ™ dental Treats are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for adult dog maintenance.

-Veterinary Oral Health Council VOHC Accepted

Greenies Dental Treats - Regular (170g)

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