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Urine Off is specially formulated to remove near impossible urine odours and stains permanently. It uses a combination of naturally occurring micro organisms and their enzymes to absorb the uric acid crystals which produce the pungent urine smell. Urine Off is a revolutionary biotechnology product which has been awarded USDA BioPreferred designation as a USDA Certified Biobased Product.


  • Urine removal spray
  • Can be used on hard and soft surfaces 
  • Specially formulated to remove urine odours & stains
  • For puppy & dog urine removal



Directions for Use 

1. Urine Off must contact all urine deposits on or in the surface, no matter how far these deposits may have soaked in. Different surfaces require different techniques. 
2. Urine Off must remain wet and in contact with the urine deposits long enough for the bio-enzymes to complete their work on the urine crystals.
3. In certain cases where deposits are heavy, very old, or other urine odor/stain products have been used, more than one Urine Off treatment may be needed.
4. Soak the problem area and allow to air-dry, repeat as necessary.
5. NEVER spray on pets or people. Urine Off is mild and safe to use around pets and people but is not designed for topical use!
6. ALWAYS check fabrics for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. Urine Off is mild and safe to use on water-safe surfaces, but play it safe and test first!

Urine Off Dog & Puppy

PriceFrom $19.50
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