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Features & Benefits:

  • Keeps nails short & well maintained
  • Even hard working dogs who are walked regularly will require some help to keep their nails trimmed
  • Pet One’s Nail Clipper help to keep your dog’s nails trimmed & well maintained


  • HANDY TIP- Extra long nails will need to be trimmed over time. Do not cut the quick. Use weekly for best results.
  • Grooming is an essential part of your pet care routine.  When grooming your pet, do not forget about their skin and ears.  This is imperative with some breeds (e.g. Spaniels).
  • Regular grooming allows you to monitor any changes in your pets condition.
  • Regular brushing reduces shedding and keeps coat shiny and healthy.
  • If possible start grooming at a young age, so your pet will become used to the process.
  • When cutting your pet’s nails, do not cut into the “quick”, the soft pink part containing blood vessels. This will be very painful for your pet. Clip the darker coloured nails in a number of small cuts to reduce the chances of accidently cutting into the quick

Guillotine Nail Clippers

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