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Drontal Puppy Worming Suspension is a liquid worming suspension for the control of roundworm, hookworm and whipworms in puppies and small dogs.

Active constituents: Febantel, pyrantel embonate

Use Drontal for puppies fortnightly (every 2 weeks) till they are 12 weeks old. Worm once monthly until 6 months old.

Shake before use.

DRONTAL Suspension is given as a single dose by mouth using the enclosed dosing syringe.

Fasting prior to dosing is not necessary. IT IS ESSENTIAL TO WEIGH DOGS BEFORE TREATMENT.

1mL per 1kg bodyweight.
Read the enclosed leaflet before use.
If worm problems persist, consult a veterinarian.

SIZE: 30mL

Drontal Puppy Worming Syrup 30ml

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